Hello Everyone,

As promised I am continuing to update this blog with the latest jailbreak news. As of now, DO NOT upgrade to iOS 9.1 if you desire to jailbreak your iOS device. Currently we are able to jailbreak any iPhone running iOS software from 8.4-9.0.2. Ok, so what does this mean? Well, if you are interested in coming into our store for this process you MUST make sure before you come in that you have either (a) backed up your iphone to a computer at home, or (b) backed up your device to iCloud. This is necessary if you do not want to lose any of your saved photos, apps, or any other personal data. The jailbreak tool will not normally remove any of this data, however, it is highly recommended to backup just in case. We charge $30 (after tax) if you come in to the store and would like this to be done. Please allow up to 1 hour for the process to be finished and then you can enjoy your new jailbroken phone!!

-Calvin Hatton (repair technician)