If Apple sticks to the usual release date for their new phone rollout, we could be looking at a few short months until the release of the newest iPhone which may or may not be called iphone 11. As we have touched on in past articles regarding the new release, there are several possible enhancements that could be included.

One such possibility is the rumor of it including the reversible charging ability which is currently something available on Samsung Galaxy S10 phones. What is it you ask? Reversible charging allows you to make use of your iPhone as a wireless charging station for Airpods and other devices by placing them on the back of the phone. By doing so this will transfer a charge from iPhone to device. Although this feature may not be of much use to some customers, still others may find it a life saver when gadgets run low of power while their phone is fully stocked. The ability to transfer some juice from one device to another may indeed become a useful feature for many.

As stated before, another highly possible prediction will be that the new iPhones will come with Apple’s A13 processor chip upgrade and that the XS and XS Max replacements will be half a millimeter thicker.

On the down side for some older phone users may be a new IOS release, IOS 13 which, if released may not be compatible with iPhone 5S, 6 and SE although this also might not be the case….only time will tell.

Reversible charging, extra camera lenses, additional color choice, new processors and enhanced software! Only a few short months and we should see which, if any of the currently circling rumors end up reality. Keep an eye on our blog for more upcoming information on the soon to be released iPhone and as always, should your current iPhone run into problems or breaks, you can count on us to get it repaired with warranty.

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