Each passing day a new thing is coming up. And the most advancing technologies are used in cellphones only. All the cellphone makers company are seeking new technology to their product a unique. Each company wants to be in the list of most sold cellphones. This is the reason why they are trying new technology. Also, some company have their own R&D dept. i.e. (research and develop). The work of R&D is to research about something new and to develop it for their company’s benefit. Moving to the next year 2018 there will be tremendous hike in the technology sector, we all will notice new technology. Let me tell you about some technology which we will see in 2018.

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  1. AI

We all will definitely notice artificial intelligence in 2018. Around 59% work has been done in 2017 and AI is set to launch in 2018.


We will notice that mostly all the apps will be intelligent and in some way connected to AI.


For those who don’t know, a digital twin is a digital representation of a real – world entity or system. While it’s one of the most important technology trends for 2018, by 2020, it’s expected that about 21 billion connected sensors will result in the existence in billions. With this shift to an integrated digital world, marketers, healthcare professionals, and planners will get the benefit.


With the usage of more and more computer tools, the cyber security need to take care of threats more closely to combat threats like WannaCry ransomware. With Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust (CARTA), the organizations can get their hands on real-time, risk, and trust-based decision making. In the digital world , cyber security would need to increase the level of their security .

  1. Event – Driven

Events are a critical part of any business as they reflect the notable states and changes in a business. With the advancements in AI and IoT, business events can be detected quickly and analysed with more accuracy. It’s predicted that by 2020, such “event thinking” will be needed for 80% of digital business solutions.

These were the top most next generation technology advancement which we will see in 2018. The most important of all will be artificial intelligence, this will take the level of technology to greater heights and also it will ease the work of human being.

So be ready to enter into 2018 and see the technology which you haven’t even dreamt of.