As the technology updates, we buy new models of phones and simply forget about our old cellphones. These keep lying in the drawers unused. Updating your phones is okay but one should also take care of disposing their old cellphones carefully. These should never be dumped as it leads to the release of toxic wastes from it and so you simply don’t want it sitting in a landfill.


These days recycling of cellphones are becoming more popular. It is the best option for disposing off your cellphones safely; one which will makes sure that all the components are dealt with properly. These days with the help of Globalization, recycling has become all the more easy and most of the companies offer it for free. Some will even give you certain rewards for doing the same. Many companies like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Xiaomi, LG offer such services. For recycling your phones, you don’t have to take any pains as such. Most providers require you to just fill up a small e-waste form providing all the necessary details and soon a pick up person will come to your doorsteps to take away the e-waste for recycling.

Apart from these, you could even take your e-waste to an EcoATM which is an automated kiosk that collects your unwanted cellphones and tablets and gives you cash for them. It accepts devices from any era or in any condition, and offers anywhere between a few bucks to a few hundred dollars in return.

Luckily, a new breed of electronics recyclers is stepping in to helpCall2Recycle, a nonprofit organization, offers consumers and retailers in the United States and Canada simple ways to recycle old phones. Consumers can enter their zip code on the group’s website and be directed to a drop box in their area. Most major electronics retailers, from Radio Shack to Office Depot, participate in the program and offer Call2Recycle drop-boxes in their stores. Call2Recycle recovers the phones and sells them back to manufacturers, which either refurbish and resell them or recycle their parts for use in making new products.

Another player isReCellular, which manages the in-store collection programs for Bell Mobility, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Best Buy and Verizon. The company also maintains partnerships with Easter Seals, the March of Dimes, Goodwill Industries and other nonprofits that undertake cell phone collection drives as a way of funding their charitable work. According to ReCellular vice-president Mike Newman, the company is trying to change attitudes about used cell phones, to get consumers to “automatically think of recycling cell phones just as they currently do with paper, plastic or glass.

Most of you probably have a Best Buy close to home, which means you also have a super easy way to safely recycle your electronics. It has recycling containers right next to their front gates. They have already properly disposed of over a billion pounds of electronics, which is a huge accomplishment.
But before giving your phones for recycling always remember to transfer the data and remove the SD card and the SIM card.