Today is another new day to start something new, to learn something new. Today we will take care of our mother earth. Just a small step from your side and from my side will make a huge difference.

We all know that in this present generation we have developed a habbit of living around gadgets, machines etc. and one of the most important device is a smart phone which can be found in everyone’s hand, in all country, in all house. In fact, now days each house has around 2-3 smartphones. But friends, have you ever thought that after using these things and exchanging smartphones or selling them where the go. i will tell you.

After an electronic gadget is used and when it is of no use it is said as e-waste i.e. electronic waste. These wastes are dumped on a piece of land and left to decompose but the problem lies here, these e-wastes take many years to decompose. And this problem is causing a great effect on our mother earth.

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To reduce this thing we can re-cycle our Smart phone. And in this article i will tell you how to do it.

Step 1: first take your phone which you want to recycle it.

Step 2: open its back cover and unscrew all the screw.

Step 3: take out its IC board i.e its circuit board.

Step 4: slowly and carefully take out its components [ camera , processor , speaker ( both front and back ) , screen , digitizer , body cover , back cover etc ]

Step 5: now go to an electronic repair shop.

Step 6: ask them to test what all things are working correctly.

Step 7: all the things which are working correctly. Take them with you and rest all throw it. They are of no use.

Step 8: there are many websites in which you can put all this things for selling. Upload images and relax.

Step 9: many will approach you for the things they need.

Step 10: you re-cycled most of the parts of your smart phone and you made money too.

Guys, you got money and helped earth also!

This way we can reduce e-waste (electronic waste) and help our earth to go green. If you do these steps or tell your friends and family about it, it will get spread and it will have a huge impact on making our earth a better place to live.