Pangu released their newest version of their jailbreak to the public about a month ago. We have done a lot of tests on this new jailbreak and it is safe to say the people at pangu have succeeded again. Beware!!! Do not update to 8.1.1 in that you will not be able to jailbreak your device. IMPORTANT back up your information on iTunes to ensure no data is lost.

The steps to jail breaking are quite simple.

1. Download the newest version of iTunes and install on your computer.

2. Go to to download the software for the jailbreak tool.

3. Once you have completed steps one and two take the find my iPhone feature off of your device.

4. Take any passcode and fingerprint Touch ID off of the device.

5. Plug in your device to your computer and start jailbreak. Follow the instructions and you will have a fully jail broken device.

We will be reviewing at least two tweaks a week. We have tested numerous amounts of tweaks and we will only bring you the best. Check with us every week and you could have the best iPhone out of all of your friends.