1. Turn off and unplug your desktop computer before cleaning!
  2. Cleaning should be done outside and in a dry hazard free area with plenty of light.
  3. DO NOT stick the straw or any other device within the vented case of the power supply or electrical shock can occur.
  4. Never clean a computer with a vacuum, shop vac or feather duster (CLEAN WITH DRY AIR ONLY). Avoid making contact with desktop components while dusting out the interior. Removal of computer parts for cleaning is not recommended. Extra attention when cleaning the power supply and cooling fans is recommended.


Although a desktop computer has plenty of room to deal with cooling eventually things start to become clogged with dust, hair and other debris that if left unchecked can lead to an unstable system and possibly damaged hardware. One of the most critical areas in need of cleaning are the desktop fans which typically sit on the devices most in need of cooling such as the CPU (Central Processing Unit) Video card GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Power supply and case inlet and exhaust ports.

Keeping the internal parts of your computer clean is a requirement for keeping the computer cool and getting the most out of your investment. Much like a car, computers need periodic maintenance to both software and hardware to keep things running smooth. This guide will help give you a basic understanding on cleaning the inside of your desktop computer.

-Desktop Cleaning Process-

Step 1:

With the use of an air compressor or can of compressed air start the cleaning process by forcing the air over the various components in a circular motion while keeping a safety distance of 6-12 inches from the desktop case. During this process experiment with applying air flow in different directions and angles and yet more dust will be found. As most of the easily removable dust exits the case you will find some harder to remove dust bunnies usually behind fans and hard to reach areas but for now work out the easy to remove dust.


Step 2:

The power supply is an easy piece of hardware to find on most desktops as it is the piece you plug the power cable from the wall into. If you inspect your power supply, chances are you will find at least one fan in it if not even two. Pay extra special attention when blowing out the power supply however DO NOT stick the straw or any other device within the vented case of the power supply or electrical shock can occur. Take time blowing air into the outside power supply exhaust port and to the internal power supply intake vents, again applying air at different angles and directions with free up the most dust. After the power supply stops exhausting out dust, remove what dust may have fallen into the rest of the case while cleaning the power supply.


Step 3:

After the majority of the dust exits the tower visually inspect the fan areas for buildup in front of and behind the fan. In order to clean these areas you will need to bring your pressurized air flow closer to the desktop fans however the main goal to cleaning a desktop is not to touch the internal components over cleaning every last piece of dust. Do the best you can without making contact to remove as much dust as possible.


Step 4:

Because the power supply has many areas for dust to hide we recommend giving it one more cleaning by blowing air in from all accessible sides of the case. Keep in mind you DO NOT want to stick anything within the power supply case itself. After your sure all the removable dust has exited the case, start the process of closing up the case and install the tower back into its location.



  1. Be sure and blow the front of the case when cleaning.
  2. Try and keep all cables disconnected together for easy reinstallation and remember locations they were removed or mark them. (monitor/mouse/keyboard/speakers/printer)
  3. Some cables may be fastened to the computer case with thumb screws, be sure to unscrew them before pulling on the cables or damage may occur.
  4. Clean the case while its standing up to help remove dust..
  5. At Waco iPhones, we recommend desktop cleaning every 6-12 months depending on your working environment. Desktops that see constant use daily in a warehouse, facility or other dusty environment may require cleaning every 3 months but a desktop in a modern, clean house may be able to go a year.

Want to have your desktop cleaned and serviced by professionals? Give us a call to schedule a time to bring it in. We service all major brands of desktops and laptop computers and offer some of the lowest prices in the Waco, TX area.

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