Latest iOS 9 Jailbreak News

Hello everyone, as you may already know; Apple has released their latest operating system (iOS 9) earlier this week. iOS 9 does come with many great features, however, if you’re one of those people who would rather utilize your phone to it’s full...

Apple’s Latest iOS 9 News:

There has been a large amount of talk concerning the release of Apple’s latest new software; IOS 9. If you were apart of the few people who received early access to the IOS 9 beta in July, then you should already have a basic idea of how this new operating...

Easiest Jailbreak so far!

Pangu released their newest version of their jailbreak to the public about a month ago. We have done a lot of tests on this new jailbreak and it is safe to say the people at pangu have succeeded again. Beware!!! Do not update to 8.1.1 in that you will not be able to...


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