DIY Repairs

There are variouscomprehensive kits by iCracked and IFixit that give you a replacement screen, attached cables, tools and detailed instructions for doing this job yourself. There are also various YouTube tutorials available for the same. These kits will cost you approximately $90 but replacing the iPhone screen yourself is a tedious task and for saving a few dollars, you might land up damaging your entire iPhone if you don’t know your work well.

Apple Store

You may straight away take your phone to the apple store and get your screen repaired perfectly within 90 minutes. You can always be sure of the service you get there. Moreover if you have a new iPhone, always consider going in to the Apple Store for getting it repaired. Moreover with repairing work the Apple Store always provides you with warranty so you can approach them anytime if the problem shows up again during the warranty period. Cost of repair would be the following:

IPhone X:  $286.44

iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus: $176.44

iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus: $156.44

iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5: $136.44

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An Engineer at your doorsteps

There are companies that offer you to get your iPhone repaired right at your doorsteps. These companies will take your iPhone and get it repaired within 3 hrs. and hand over the handset to you. It is usually fast and hassle-free but is a little more expensive. Some companies will take the handset to be repaired and bring it back in a few hours whereas some repair it in front of you so that you don’t have to be away from your phone for a long time and you can even see what actually is happening.

Send to an online repair service

These days you even have the option of sending your iPhone to online repair services. These services are becoming more popular these days as people don’t have the time to take their phones to the service centers themselves. Such companies have grown a lot within the last few years due to their fast and effective services. But when it comes to pricing, these aren’t cheap. IPhone 5s screen repair costs a reasonable $79, an iPhone 6 screen repair jumps up to $127 and the iPhone 6s Plus is $359 (these are approximate prices). Companies that offer these services are MendMyi and iSmash to mention a few.

Local mobile repair shops

You can any time walk to your nearest mobile repair shops and get your iPhone repaired there. Most of us usually go for getting it repaired at local mobile repair shops as its way cheaper there. Further you can directly turn up again to the shop and complain if the problem still persists which unless gets a little hectic for online repair services. Remember you may not get the expertise you get in an Apple Store and the services might not even be that fast and might even take up a week.

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