There has been a large amount of talk concerning the release of Apple’s latest new software; IOS 9. If you were apart of the few people who received early access to the IOS 9 beta in July, then you should already have a basic idea of how this new operating system appears as well as functions. However; for everyone else, IOS 9 should be available for a free download within the next week or so. The scheduled launch date for the Iphone 6s is tomorrow, Wednesday September 9th. According to previous years, Apple normally releases their new operating system software update (IOS 9) approximately a week after the launch date of their new phone. For further information regarding what exactly will be included in IOS 9; check out tech radar’s hands-on review of IOS 9 and its features: IOS 9 Review Stay tuned for more information regarding this topic right here at
-Calvin Hatton; repair technician at Waco Custom Iphones.