The much-anticipated Apple iPhone 11 or XI is rumored to have a release date of late 2019 and several design concepts are rumored to be in the works and being tested. The most notable design change to the upcoming phone may be the phones rear camera and its placement from the left to a centered placement however other concepts seems to point to a triple camera array remaining in the more traditional left side is also making its rounds on the web.

Although at this stage we can only work with rumors, one creditable source claims the new iPhone 11 may even work well in the rain (possibly underwater?) or when the screen is wet which may come in handy for the must catch calls or text messages for those of us on the go in rain, sleet or shine.

Other possible features include a 5.8-inch display like the iPhone XS however with a more streamlined bezel and two-way wireless charging ability which would allow you to use the phone as a charging mat for other devices. A glass back to the iPhone may also be in the works which would add to its already stylish appearance.

It is also rumored that Sony’s next-gen 3D sensors may be incorporated into the new phone which would provide enhancements such as quicker face unlocks, better portrait mode depth-sensing and some possible 3D modelling features and other (AR) implementations.

Design Concept

iPhone 11 design concept

Questions are circling the web as to whether the new iPhone 11 will include a chipset upgrade to the A13 which is also a fairly possible assumption being most major releases in the past have undergone this area of upgrade and many claim a manufacture is already lined up and ready to produce the new chipset if they have not already started doing so.

Many are asking what will the price tag be on the new iPhone, will it go up, down or stay the same? The good news is we don’t expect to see a price increase on the new iPhone 11 however most are fairly certain we won’t see a decrease also.

Another area we may see a nice much needed improvement is to the battery life which may be slightly extended allowing for phone use over multiple days without the worry of running out of juice however this also is only rumor and we will have to wait for release specs from Apple as they trickle out.

With all the rumors and stylish design concepts floating around, one thing is for sure, the new Apple iPhone is sure to turn heads once released packing the power and flexibility we have all come to see from Apple products and rest assured, once released, we at Waco iPhones will be in the front lines helping our clients make the best use from their new gadget and in the unfortunate event of out of warranty damage, we will be there to repair your iPhone and get you back in the game.