Why did older Apple iPhone, iPod & iPad’s slow down?


Recently Apple was put under pressure to explain why updates on older iPhones, iPods and iPads reduced the performance on these later model devices. Their response was that it was done to preserve battery life on ageing Apple devices they reduced performance thus allowing the device to remain powered on for longer periods between charging cycles.

It is true as your iPhone, iPod or iPad battery has repeated charging cycles day after day that it slowly starts to lose its ability to reach maximum charge. When this happens, you will still show charge 100% upon a full recharge however the time that ageing battery lasts on a 100% charge will diminish over time.

What started as a solid 7 or 8 hour long lasting battery my soon slowly wear away to 4 hours, 3 hours and finally minutes before needing to be plugged in. When this happens, many customers go out and spend a great deal of money to buy a newer Apple device and often lose many valuable pictures, music or apps due to failed data transfers from their old device over to the new.

Having an aging battery that no longer holds enough charge for your every day use is not the end of that device. The fact is for a fraction of buying a new Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad you can have the battery in your existing device replaced with a quality, new battery and thus restore it back to good as new giving it that original long-lasting use it once had.


Apple battery image

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