Have you ever thought that you can do many things at home itself.today is new day and a new beginning and today only I learnt a new thing which was very useful for me and also it will be for you too, I am pretty sure. Today I will tell you about something special, and that is.

The instant feeling we get between the time lapse of 2 sec , when we have our phone in our hand to phone lying on surface. that mini heart attack many of us have witnessed. we all get tensed when it comes to repairing our phone screen because of very high cost of replacement screen. but you all will be pleased to know that its very simple process, and we all can do this stuff at home with just simple tools.

Today this article will make you realise the ease of changing broken screens at home. so, lets begin.

First of all you need to place your order on ebay for iphone replacement screen, and this will cost 150$ . now all you need is one basic tool that is screw driver, which is one of the basic thing in every household. now let’s start our task.

Step 1: All you need is your screw driver. now, check the botton of your phone where speaker is located. there you will find two screw hole. open both the screw. hold your phone from back now slide it upward. you will end up opening the back panel of your iPhone.

Step 2: Slowly unwire and unscrew all the materials present inside. now slowly you will notice that you can lift the inside circuit. lift that circuit very carefully and keep it aside.

Step 3: Now you will notice a black tape. remove that tape and yes now you can take out your screen.

Step 4: put that replacement screen and stick some good tape on it. now wire up everything from inside. now put all the screw of inside circuit.

Step 5: keep your back panel and slide it down. it will get locked. now put both the screws near your speaker’s ones.

Today we all learnt a very easy way to make our lifestyle easy. It is correctly said that the more work we can do by our self the more we will efficient. Learning is the only thing which is immortal. You can always learn new things irrespective of your age. Learning new things makes us happy , it’s a psychology proven fact. I am here to bring you many learning things about technology and making you learn many new things. It’s a request to all of you to read my article daily and share this knowledge with your friends and family.

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